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The Inches We Need is now available on Amazon!

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A few weeks ago, John Vampatella released his terrific book 53rd Man about the trials and travails of back-of-the-roster types. Below is my Amazon review of the book, which I wholeheartedly recommend:

53rd Man paints an all-encompassing picture of what the experience is like for players at the back of an NFL roster. These men make rosters, they get waived, they get injured, they contribute to teams, they move their families around the country, they struggle with doubt ... the book runs the gamut of emotions while adding information and anecdotes you'll find nowhere else. Few of the players featured become stars, but I was moved reading about their growth as people over the course of their careers. Great read, inspiring!

John organized a book release party with The Boston Herald's Andrew Callahan and I was fortunate enough to join the show. He was even gracious enough to plug the book and let me talk about it. Check out the recording here: